Message From Dan


When I think of what I love about this country, I think of my platoon. We had folks from small rural towns and from inner city New York. But it didn’t matter where we came from, or who our parents were, or what color our skin was. It certainly didn’t matter whether we were Republicans or Democrats. Because we all wore the same uniform. We were all on the same team.

Growing up in the Ninth District, I’ve gotten to know North Carolinians from Charlotte to Elizabethtown. We’re farmers and teachers, faith leaders, public servants, and business owners. And we all share the same spirit that I saw in my platoon in Iraq – that common purpose: to work hard and build a better life for our families. While our stories may differ, we share common values and aspirations.

Since I launched my campaign, I’ve dedicated myself to listening so that I can best understand the needs of our neighbors across the district. In the coming months, I’ll continue to spend as much time as I can listening. In the meantime, I want to share with you my thoughts on a few issues that I’ve heard the most about on the trail so far and lay out the values that have guided my decision to run and will shape the way I will represent you in Congress.

Thanks so much for your support.


Keeping the American Promise

I believe America was built on the basic promise that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can build a better life for your family and a better future for your kids. That promise still exists today, but for too many, it’s out of reach. The reality is that our economy has changed, and we need to rethink how we keep up with it. College is valuable, but in today’s economy, a college degree can’t be the only path to earning a good middle class life, especially when it comes with mountains of debt. We need to rethink education so folks have opportunities to learn the technical and trade skills required for the good middle class jobs of today and tomorrow.

As a business owner, I’ve helped put hundreds of folks to work building solar farms in rural North Carolina, from construction workers to electricians to site managers. With business-minded and forward-looking leadership in Washington, we can create so many more of these good-paying trade jobs in growing sectors like advanced manufacturing, clean energy, and smart infrastructure, where North Carolina already leads in the South.

And we need policies that allow small businesses and families to thrive. That means streamlining cumbersome regulations and a broken tax code to unleash the power of economic growth again, while also protecting our air and water. At the same time, we live in a global economy, and we need to protect our local communities from the adverse effects of trade. Previous trade deals have too often devastated rural North Carolina.

Putting Country Over Party

We have to fix our broken healthcare system once and for all with common sense solutions that lower out-of-control costs while maintaining quality coverage. Unfortunately, common sense solutions are off limits because politicians in Washington have chosen loyalty to party over loyalty to country. Instead of doing their jobs, they cave to special interests and play partisan games. Instead of working for bipartisan reform, they give us a false choice between cost and coverage.

We all know Washington is home to a rigged political system. For many of our elected officials, politics is a career focused on staying in power and serving themselves. We need new leaders who will vote for term limits, fair district lines, and to take money out of politics.

Fighting for American Values

The values we share define who we are as Americans, and when those values fall under attack, it’s up to us to defend them. That means standing up to those who would restrict your right to vote. It means defending a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions. It means standing up to discrimination and bigotry, and calling out racism and evil by name. In the Ninth District, it means ending the century-long injustice against the Lumbee Tribe and doing the hard work in Congress to achieve full federal recognition. Most importantly, it means building a smart and robust national security strategy that will keep all Americans safe.