Message From Dan

Dan McCreadyWhen I think of what I love about this country, I think of my platoon. We had folks from all over. But it didn’t matter where we came from, or who our parents were, or what color our skin was. It didn’t even matter whether we were Republicans or Democrats. Because we all wore the same uniform.

I’m not a politician. I’m a Marine Corps veteran, a small business owner, and a father of four. I was perfectly happy last year to spend time with my kids and continue building my small business, but I feel called now to fight back for North Carolina families that Washington politicians are leaving behind.

Too many politicians show up to Washington with good intentions, but then they forget who sent them there. They only fight for themselves and the special interests. I believe that any person who works hard and plays by the rules should be able to build a better life for their kids. I hope you’ll join this campaign to put country over party and turn our country around.

Yours in this fight,

Reforming Our Broken Politics

Dan believes our American Dream is under attack from politicians who put partisanship before people and special interests before working families. Dan will put country over party. He’ll take on the politicians by fighting to impose term limits for members of Congress, get money out of politics and end Citizens United, defeat gerrymandering, and stand up to the politics of racism and hatred.

Affordable and Accessible Healthcare

Dan knows we have to fix our broken and unaffordable healthcare system once and for all with common-sense solutions that lower out-of-control costs while maintaining quality coverage. That means standing up to big drug companies to lower prescription costs, strengthening Medicare, and fighting to stop insurance companies from raising premiums year after year and going back to the days of trying to kick people off their coverage.

Creating Jobs Across North Carolina

As a small business owner, Dan has helped put hundreds of North Carolinians to work building solar farms in rural North Carolina. He was a leader in making our state second in the US for solar power. In Congress, he’ll use his business experience to work with both parties to lift wages and increase opportunity. That means working across the aisle to bring good-paying jobs in growing sectors like clean energy and smart infrastructure, and fighting for jobs in North Carolina’s rural counties that Washington politicians have left behind.

Standing Up for Our Seniors

Dan knows how hard North Carolina seniors worked to save for their retirement and the importance of preserving Social Security and Medicare for our middle class. Dan will oppose any efforts by corporate special interests to turn Medicare into a risky voucher program and any efforts to turn Social Security over to the stock market and gamble seniors’ retirement.

Quality Education

Dan is a product of North Carolina public schools, and he understands that education is the pathway to opportunity. Dan believes that every child in America should be able to go to a great public school, no matter where they live. Dan will fight for early childhood education, teacher pay, and alternatives to four-year degrees like community college and job training programs that equip North Carolinians for the jobs of tomorrow.

Small Business and Fiscal Responsibility

In his small business, Dan balanced the budget and made payroll. We should expect the same from Congress. That’s why Dan supports a “No Budget, No Pay” act. Dan understands that business can be a force for good that lifts up families and workers. He will work to simplify the tax code, streamline duplicative regulations, and cut taxes for middle-class families, not just the ultra-wealthy.

Protecting Our Veterans

For Dan, veterans issues aren’t political, they’re personal. The veterans who have sacrificed for our country deserve the best care our country has to offer, but too many in North Carolina are being left behind without the care they need. That’s unacceptable. Veterans will have no stronger advocate than Dan on health care, mental health, education, jobs, and transition to civilian life.

Protecting God’s Planet

Dan believes that God calls us to be stewards of the Earth, for our children and grandchildren. But politicians are taking a hatchet to the EPA and looking the other way while companies pollute North Carolina’s drinking water. Dan will fight for clean air and water and to preserve our state’s natural beauty that he learned to love as an Eagle Scout.

Fighting for the Lumbee Tribe

After more than a century of injustice, the Lumbee Indian tribe still lacks full federal recognition. Yet instead of doing the hard work of finding a deal, Congress continues the same-old lip service, with bills still stuck in subcommittee. Dan knows how to negotiate — that’s how he helped build 36 solar farms across North Carolina. He will do everything in his power to fight for full federal recognition.